For years, Christian Boarding has helped students from all parts of the world to be successful and prepared for the next stage of their lives. We offer a comfortable, home-like housing facility where all students are treated like family. Christian Boarding also partners with like-minded schools and athletic staff to educate and care for each student uniquely.
Erie First Christian Academy – A Christ-centered, college prep school dedicated to reaching the heart and teaching the mind. Students are placed in a nurturing environment where they can discover, develop and excel with the help of professional teachers and staff that care about meeting the needs of
international learners.
Cornerstone Academy – Students here are equipped through biblical discipleship and authentic education. Students not only learn and grow, but they develop lifelong relationships that continue long
after graduation.
Keystone Academy – A unique partnership of education and sport. Students are educated through Erie First Christian Academy; cared for by Christian Boarding; and coached by the top-rated staff and coaches of Keystone Academy. Many of the world’s top high school basketball players have chosen Keystone Academy.
Together, these academic, boarding, and athletic institutions seek to provide a nurturing environment
where students thrive, and where real growth occurs.

What People Say

I have learned and experienced so much and made lifetime friend

Jun Yong Jin

I have so may good memories. They are memories that will last a lifetime

Amy Kim

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